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IPM Package of Practices

With a view to provide technical knowledge to the extension functionaries and farmers in the States, Directorate of P.P.Q&S. has developed IPM package of practices for different crops with the latest research inputs from State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) and Indian Council of Agricultural research (ICAR) .

Select The Crop
Amla New Amla
AppleNew Apple
Apricot Apricot
Arecanut New Arecanut
Banana New Banana
Black&Green Gram New Black Green Gram
Ber Ber
Betelvine Betelvine
blackPepperNew blackPepper
BrinjalNew Brinjal
Broccoli Broccoli
Custard Apple New Custard Apple
Cashew New Cashew
CastorNew Castor
Cherry Cherry
Chillies Capsicum New Chillies Capsicum
CitrusNew Citrus
Coconut New Coconut
Coriander New Coriander
Cotton New Cotton
Cruciferous Vegetable Cruciferous vegetable
Cucurbitaceous vegetableNew Cucurbitaceous vegetable
Cumin New Cumin
Fennel New Fennel
Fig Fig
GarlicNew Garlic
GingerNew Ginger
Gram Gram
GrapesNew Grapes
Groundnut New Groundnut
Guava New Guava
JackFruit JackFruit
Kiwi Kiwi
Lablabbean New Lablabbean
Large Cardamom New Large Cardamom
Leguminous Vegetables New Leguminous Vegetables
Litchi Litchi
Loquat Loquat
Maize New Maize
MangoNew Mango
Oil Palm Oil Palm
OkraNew Okra
Olive Olive
Onion New Onion
Papaya New Papaya
Pea Pea
Peach Peach
Pear Pear
Persimmon Persimmon
Passion Fruit Passion Fruit
PomegranateNew Pomegranate
Phalsa Phalsa
PineappleNew Pineapple
Pearl MilletNew Pearl Millet
Potato New Potato
Pigeonpea Pigeonpea
Rajmah New Rajmah
Rasberry Rasberry
Rice New Rice
Rapeseed Mustard New Rapeseed
Saffron New Saffron
SafflowerNew Safflower
Sapota Sapota
Straberry Straberry
Small Cardamom Small Cardamom
Sesame New Sesame
Sunflower Sunflower
Sorghum New Sorghum
Soybean New Soybean
Spinach New Spinach
Sugarcane New Sugarcane
Tea Tea
TobaccoNew Tobacco
TomatoNew Tomato
Walnut Walnut
Wheat New Wheat
Watermelon New Watermelon
Chickpea New Chickpea
DrumstickNew Chickpea
Cauliflower New
Cabbage & Cauliflower
Curry leafNew Curry leaf
TurmericNew Turmeric
Red GramNew Red Gram
Black&Green Gram New Black Green Gram
Moth Bean Moth Bean
Lentil Lentil
Red GramNew Red Gram
Horsegram Horsegram
Fenugreek fenugreek